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Loose Fill Attic Insulation

attic-insulation.jpgThe biggest bang for your buck home improvement project is Attic Insulation.  It's not even close.   No other home improvement product will have a greater benefit for a lower cost. 

Central is now proud to offer attic insulation.  It's the perfect compliment to our existing Roofing, Siding, Windows, and Gutter services.  

Specifically we feature blown in loose fill attic insulation.  In the state of Maryland, the recommended R-value of insulating material in an attic is R-49.  Most homes have R-9 or less.  By blowing in approximately R30 worth of loose fill attic insulation, you can keep your home running more efficiently, lower your energy bills, and possibly prevent future ice dams from forming.  If the winter of 2009-2010 is any indication, preventing ice dams should be a major concern for everyone.


In addition to offering attic insulation, our professional installers can also seal all protrusions into an attic that may be leaking air.  We can install an insulated batt above an attic access panel and we can install professionally designed baffles around your soffit intake vents to keep air flow in your attic moving for optimal performance.

If you are interested in a full blower test to measure your current air leakage in your home, we can also provide you with a professionally measures assesment.  We can even show you before and after numbers for your home so that you can tell exactly how much better your home is performing.

Contact us today to find out more about how Central can install attic insulation into your home.   

To find out more information about how important attic insulation is for your home, visit the Energy Star Attic Insulation page


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