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Attic Insulation is Just Common Sense

Attic Insulation RockvilleIt’s that time of year again. As we settle into the fall season, the days here in Maryland and Washington, DC are beginning to get a little bit colder. For homeowners, that means the added cost of home heating is just around the corner.

As with all utility bills, people are always looking for ways to save some cash. Many of our customers ask us for the single most effective way to do just that. We have a very definitive answer: attic insulation.

The reason for this is quite clear. As all of us were taught in elementary science class, temperature has the ability to pass through seemingly impenetrable objects, like walls and ceilings. Of course, that’s why we insulate our homes. We also learned that heat tends to rise, giving the upper floors of our homes the tendency to be warmer, and eventually escaping right through the roof.

Fortunately, many of us have an extra, sometimes empty attic that acts as a buffer between our precious shelter and the outside elements. So doesn’t it make sense to replace the Christmas decorations and old furniture with something that can keep that heat from escaping?

By properly insulating an attic, homeowners can save as much as 50% on their home heating costs. That translates into hundreds of dollars per home, and billions upon billions of dollars spread across the entire country, just from one home improvement project.

In addition, attic insulations will help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. Think about it: as heat escapes from the attic and warms the roof, snow residing atop your home will melt; however, during the melting process the snow will eventually run into a cooler potion of the roof, and of course, freeze. Consequently, an ice dam will likely form, and those pesky things can cause damage to your roof, gutters and other structures, and could potentially be the source of a mold problem.

Luckily, attic insulations will help prevent ice dams, as it will create proper ventilation that will allow the snow to melt evenly. The last thing you want to worry about during a frigid winter is ice dams forming and causing costly damage to your home that you will have to fix in the spring. Thankfully, attic insulations are an affordable home improvement project that provides preventative maintenance, as well as tremendous long-term savings.

Of course, there are plenty of safety issues involved with insulating that call for an expert installation. For example, lights and electricity can sometimes pose a hazard, and homes still need proper ventilation to keep the air pure.

Even if your attic has been insulated in the past, there’s a good chance that it’s not nearly as efficient as it used to be. Plus, there’s always room for improvement in the form of small leaks and weak spots. Experts agree that added insulation is always cost-effective in the long run.

At Central Roofing & Siding Company, we specialize in blown in loose fill attic insulation. We can also run comprehensive tests to determine exactly what we can do to conserve energy and, most importantly, save you money.

For more information, call us today for the best in attic insulation in Maryland and Washington, DC.

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