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Explanations for Roof Leaks

Damage from Roof LeaksThere are certain things you don’t want to leak, including the garden hose, a boat, and your roof. However, leaks happen, and owners must figure out where the issue originated from.

Roof leaks typically happen at the worst time possible, and finding the source of a roof leak can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Why do roofs leak? Well, there are a number of reasons, including shoddy construction, holes made by animals, missing shingles thanks to intense wind, ice dam build-ups, and problems with plumbing vents, damaged flashing and clogged drainage. Consider the age of the roof, too. It may be so old and worn that it’s time for a proper replacement.

In addition, skylights and chimneys traditionally leak because they’re essentially holes in the roof. Seals don’t always work flawlessly. Cracks occur.

Roof leaks can also come from a single nail worn through a shingle, unsealed pipes or vents, worn out asphalt valleys, holes in metal valleys, and faulty brickwork in flashing areas.

Typically you’ll see a stain on a wall or ceiling that’ll give you an idea you have a leak coming from somewhere. The best time to trace where the leak is coming from is to examine its trail as best you can when it’s raining outside. Most people don’t have a ladder or the will to go up on their roof, though-- it’s not a common, everyday thing the average person does. Leave that work to the professional.

Ideally, you should have a licensed contractor deal with roof leaks. In Rockville, Maryland, Central Roofing & Siding Company serves homeowners who need roof repairs and more. Call (301) 881-2424 and take advantage of Central’s Roof Maintenance Package to figure out how to stop a leak in your roof.

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