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Solar Energy at Zero Cost

Residential Solar EnergySolar energy can be a great way to help support your electric bill or even make a small profit. It used to be difficult to get Solar Power installed on your home, but now there are several really great options.

At Central Roofing & Siding Co. we have a new partnership with Direct Energy Solar. Direct Energy Solar is the mid-atlantic's largest provider of residential solar panels. Contacting them either before or after having Central install a new roof for you will result in considerable savings for you.

The best time to install Solar on your home is soon after having a new roof installed. That way all of your shingles are brand new and won't need any attention for at least 20-25 years.

Direct Energy Solar has several different types of plans that make it easy for homeowners to get started with Solar. They have a plan where you buy the solar panels up front and have them installed. You get full credit for all of the power you put back into the grid. With this plan, you can actually start making money after 6 years or so. They also have a Zero Cost Leasing plan where Direct Energy Solar owns the solar equipment on your home and you lease it from them. You don't pay anything because they collect their fees from the energy power that you put back into the grid. This will result in energy savings for you and a lower electric bill without costing you anything.

To find out how to get Zero Cost Solar for your roof, please visit Direct Energy Solar.

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