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Is Your Roof Ok?

How do you tell if your roof needs replacement? It's a tough question; one you wish you probably never have to ask. However, as a homeowner, and I'm one too, it's imperative that we understand that there is a time in every house’s lifetime when it requires a roof replacement.

Depending upon the initial roofing for the house, the maintenance during the life of the roof and the external weather conditions, a roof will require repairs as well as replacement at some point. There are certain tell tale signs which indicate that a roof requires replacement. Here's a list:

  • Age of the roof. The normal life of a roof is approximately 15 years depending upon the maintenance of the roof. After this time, there's a higher chance for a leak or torn flashings.
  • Missing or torn shingles. If there are a large number of missing tiles and/or shingles on a roof, then its probably best to replace the roof. A couple of torn or missing shingles might just mean a repair is necessary. With either case, you need to call a professional to have it looked at.
  • Condition of interior walls touching the roof. The condition of the walls touching the roof can be an indicator that your roof is not performing at a peak level. If there is a loss of paint or you find moisture marks on the walls you most likely have some roof leakage. It's probably time for your roof get checked out and in all liklihood replaced.
  • House exposure due to extreme weather. Extreme weather conditions may be so severe that a part of the house is now exposed to the elements. The major cause of accelerated roof deterioration is its exposure to repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rains, and direct sunlight. In places where any one or a combination of these is found, a roof won't last as long.

Besides the causes mentioned above, there are a few other reasons which could lead to a situation where the roof has to be replaced. These include a faulty design in the beginning, improper material being used while constructing the roof, and other external factors.

It's an incredibly tough decision trying to decide if your roof really needs to be replaced. It will involve a careful analysis of many factors. If you are worried about your roof, the best thing you can do is find an experienced roofing company in your area and have them check it out.

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