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Making Sure Your Roof is Ready for the Snow

Too much snow on the roofWe often refer to the safety and security of our families in terms of “having a roof over our head”. The roof is the first and last line of defense against the elements from above, and most often, the sign of a great roof is being able to forget that it’s even there.

Recent storms around the country reminded us all of how important our roofs really are. As snow piled on the tops of houses, residents relied upon the strength of their roofs to keep them safe and warm. Now that the snow has melted, many families are more aware, looking into ways to make sure that their roof will stay up to the task for future storms. In addition to repairs and adjustments, many people are also looking for ways to improve the strength of their roof for the coming winter.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your all-important roof is ready for the winter:

Check For DamageYou’ve survived many winters, and (hopefully) your roof has as well. That said, when you have the opportunity, step outside and do a quick survey of your roof, perhaps with a pair of binoculars or with the zoom lens on your camera for a close-up view. Specifically, scan your roof to see if you can spot any missing shingles, shingles that are curled or flashing that looks out of place.

If something doesn’t look right, or if you’re unsure of what you see, it is probably best you leave it to the professionals to climb up there and assess the situation. If you’re worried about your roof, or haven’t had it checked in years, then you might want to take advantage of our thorough roof maintenance package.

Clean Your GuttersThis is something that should have already been done, but if you neglected your gutters in the fall, it might still be worth it to have someone get up there and clear them of leaves and other debris. As snow falls and then melts, it’s very important to make sure that your roof can drain properly and efficiently. Just remember to always exercise extreme caution.

Keep Your Eyes UpOnce you’ve settled in for your yearly winter hibernation, keep your eyes toward the ceiling to detect any troubling signs. Usually, roof leaks will manifest themselves in the form of stains on the ceiling, but any abnormalities should be looked into. Don’t let a small problem turn into a major one.

Professional InspectionThere are certain things that are only obvious to a trained eye, and that’s why you should have your roof inspected by professionals on a regular basis. By catching small issues as they come, you can lengthen the life of your roof and save money down the road. Trust only experienced and reputable roofing companies, and remember you can always take care of our aforementioned maintenance package.

When your roof is strong, you’ll have no need to worry, even in the worst of winter conditions. Hunker down with the rest of us and enjoy the snow!

If you’re in the Rockville or Washington D.C. area and need help with your roof, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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