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Re-roofing is an option than many homeowners have heard of when it comes to an affordable money saving option. What isn’t made readily clear; however, is that this money saving option is due in part to cutting corners - the process involves installing new shingles over existing shingles. Just because a homeowner is saving a small amount of money, doesn’t mean they are getting value out of the work done. Our Maryland roofing company will make an honest assessment of the work needed on your roof and let you know what the best choice moving forward is.

Contractor Re-Roofing a HouseRe-roofing doesn’t equate to long-term savings
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Many home owners find a full new roof to be a daunting prospect. A past alternative to stripping off the old roof before the new one is installed is called re-roofing. This only saves a small amount on labor costs. In fact, many homeowners are surprised that going over old shingles really only saves about $20 per 100 Sq. Ft. In assessing the overall cost of a new roof, this is a minimal amount.

Besides the small break in price point, many times products that are used in re-roofing do not offer a warranty. This is a huge drawback. Re-roofing does not offer the same safety nets that a new roof installation would. Warranties are not offered because many manufacturers require a thorough inspection of the decking boards before installing and warranting their product, thus a tear off is needed. Re-roofing also does not make any changes to the underlayment nor is the flashing addressed. Contact us for more info on getting the best value for your new roof!

Residential Roofer Re-Roofing a House in RockvilleIt is key to realize that re-roofing lays the new shingles right over the old ones. This means that the amount of weight on your house increases. This is not a problem if it is only done one time. With the average home in the area dating around 50 years, there is a good chance it might have been done. If not, consider how much technology and building construction have evolved over the last 50 years. Re-roofing within the industry is phasing out. While once popular, as roofing practices within the industry become more fine-tuned, penny per pound, a new roof installation or total roof replacement is a far better value. As a roofing contractor, we can take a look at your home and give you an honest opinion on the best way forward. We can help with financing and are happy to give you a free estimate any time for a new roof. So, contact us today and let’s get started on your roofing project.

We are proud to be a staple in the community as an expert roofing company. As third generation roofers, we are entirely committed to providing you the highest quality work possible. If you were thinking of re-roofing your home, let us show you why a new roof is a better choice. This same method can be used on commercial buildings as well. We greatly value our customers, and it shows in all we do. No matter if we are working at your home or office, we will make sure that you are pleased with the services we provide. We are certain that you will find that we offer the best value in the area when comparing price to workmanship. Call our friendly office staff today. As a roofing contractor, dependability and expert craftsmanship is what has led to our tenor. Let us show you how positive a roofing experience can be.

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