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Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can lead to instant headaches, as it is often times hard to assess the source of the leak and how much damage has occurred. If you do not seek roof repair services quickly, a leak could lead to long term damage to your home before you know it. If you suspect your roof is failing or see water spots on your ceiling, contact us right away for all your roof repair needs!

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Roof Leak Repair

Most roofs will last between twenty and thirty years before needing to be replaced. Modern shingles and high quality work will usually ensure that there are no problems during that time. But, there are times when roof leaks will develop for any number of reasons. This can cause a lot of stress for the home owner. If a leak is not addressed as soon as it is discovered, it could lead to long term problems. If you address the issue right away, however, it can be pretty simple. Call us the minute you find any sign of a leak to get the problem handled right and mitigate any long term damage.

The big problem with a roof leak is not the water dripping into your home. Many times, by the time you notice the leak, it will already have been causing damage in your attic for quite some time. It could easily cause rot in the wood in your rafters and sheathing. The moisture that builds up in your insulation can lead to mold, as well. A roofing contractor, like us, can find the source of the leak and stop it right away! Fixing or repairing the problem is often a simple a process. Finding where the water is coming through is usually more challenging, but we’ve got you covered. Contact us as soon as possible to minimize the amount of damage to your house.

Damage from a Roof LeakAt some point, you, as a home owner, need to decide how bad the damage is. If you have one big roof leak, repair is probably the right option. If you have several leaks; however, it may time to consider replacing the whole roof. As a professional roofing contractor, we would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of both, including how much either option would cost you. We can offer financing options in the event that your roof is beyond repair. We are happy to provide a free estimate for a roof replacement. Handling leaks does not have to be a nightmare for you! Get in touch with our friendly office staff today and see how easy this can be.

As a roofing contractor, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and have served this area for almost six decades. We take pride in our work and in being a leading name that our community can trust for quality roofing services. If you have a roof leak, contact us first. You can count on expert work at a great value. Let our team of professionals come take care of your roof today.

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