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The Importance of Gutters Working Properly

Making Sure Gutters Working ProperlyHave you ever driven past a home with gutters so full of leaves and debris that you wonder how they’re even still attached to the home? It might look worse than it really is, but the reality is that unkempt gutters can lead to a variety of issues for your home – and more than just an unpleasant sight.

Keeping your gutters working properly is imperative for the health of your home. Not only can dirty, full of debris gutters cause leaking roofs and sagging gutters, they can also result in thousands of dollars of repairs for your home.

Some of the leading issues associated with grimy gutters include:

  • Water/flooding in your basement
  • Foundation repairs from excess water and moistures dripping from gutters that aren’t working properly
  • Flooding in your landscaping
  • Mold and mildew as a result of excess water and moisture over time
  • Damage to your home’s exterior due to unwanted

All of these issues can, and most likely will result in high, unwanted bills. To avoid having to invest so much money in unwelcomed expenses, make sure your gutters are working properly by:

  • Cleaning your gutters regularly. We recommend cleaning your gutters at the beginning of spring and during fall. Make sure your gutters are clear before snowfall to avoid damage to the gutters. As you can imagine, leaves combined with heavy snow can result in great damage to the structure of your gutters.
  • Trim back trees that may be overhanging the house. Doing so will limit the amount of debris that falls into your gutters.
  • Install gutter leaf protection. For example, products such as Rhino Gutter Guards are used to stop debris from entering your gutter system. This innovative product uses stainless steel micromesh to ensure nothing impedes your gutter system. Currently, Central Roofing & Siding Company has a special offer where you can purchase a Rhino Gutter Guard for half price! Click here for more details and remember, this special offer is only for the month of September!

Like most things in life, gutters have an expiration date. Sometimes, cleaning and maintaining them won’t be enough, and you’ll be forced to install new gutters. If you’re a home or business owner in the Washington D.C. area with deteriorating gutters, be sure to have the experts at the Central Roofing & Siding Company come give you an estimate.

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