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    Why It Might Be Time To Replace Your Windows

    Time to Replace Your WindowsWindows weren’t meant to last forever. If you have an older home, chances are it still has its original windows. Take some time today to look them over and notice whether or not they’re “fogging” and/or you see evidence of wood rot around them.

    Replacing windows this year is a good idea for many reasons. First of all, replacing older windows with today’s energy-efficient “Energy Star” windows can save you up to $120 per year in energy costs. Newer windows, which will be properly sealed, will keep heat in the home when it’s cold outside, rather than being drafty like older, worn windows.

    Similarly, new windows are a wonderful spring and summer home improvement endeavor, since they will reduce drafts and keep cool air inside your home. The last thing you want is to turn up your air conditioning, just to have that cool air exit through your drafty windows. Ultimately, ask yourself this question: how well-insulated are my windows right now? If the answer is “not very,” it’s time for replacements.

    Furthermore, replacement windows offer a fresh, new look for your home-- they’re refreshingly clear, letting natural light in, with smaller frames and a generally larger glass surface than older windows. Aesthetically, windows play an important role in the look of your home from both the inside and outside. Neighbors will notice you’ve updated your home, and give you compliments.

    Finally, newer windows are designed to keep out UV rays, which can damage walls, floors and your furniture. They also help with noise reduction, air flow in the home, and, in some cases, privacy. If you haven’t taken a look at the wonderful world of windows in a while, now’s the time to talk with Central Roofing, Siding & Windows Co. of Maryland/Washington, D.C. Call (301) 881-2424 today to ask about affordable window replacement options.

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