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What Does it Mean to be a Roofer?

Roofer in RockvilleMost people are not too familiar with what a roofer actually does when they’re up on the roof of their house. Indeed, most people are too scared to climb up on their sloped roof, so they’re just thankful someone else is willing to do so.

Roofers basically install and/or repair roofs on buildings. They use a variety of materials to accomplish the task-at-hand, from shingles to metal.

A roofer knows what to look for on roofs, to see whether or not they’re in good shape or need fixing. Roofs take quite a beating from wind, rain, snow, ice and storms, after all, and roofers can easily spot damages after climbing a ladder to get up on the roof. An experienced roofer can even point out areas of concern from the ground.

Roofing involves taking measurements to determine quantities of materials needed, cutting materials to fit around things such as vents or chimneys, and installing not just shingles, but also ice and water protection, drip edges, ridge vents and plywood.

A roofer is a master at aligning materials “just right” so they fit the roof perfectly. Neatness and order are important to a roofer while on the roof. Ensuring proper overlay for shingles and felt paper is one way a roofer can take the extra step to help prevent roof leakage “later on.” Roofers need to see both the big picture and the little details to ensure a roof is functional and sound.

For those who appreciate some natural light in their living room or bedroom, a roofer also typically installs skylights. Roofers can also make recommendations about proper attic ventilation and other areas that might make your home more efficient, such as updating your gutters or installing new siding and windows.

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