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Central Roofing's blog will highlight interesting projects and other industry news. We will try to post information that will be helpful to homeowners in maintaining their most important investment.

Why New Windows Are A Smart Investment

Investing in New Windows for your homeWindows are a vital part of any home in the Maryland/DC area, and Central Roofing, Siding, and Windows Co. are window installation specialists.

Before the harsh winter weather comes, now’s a great time to have new windows installed to keep you warmer this winter-- and cooler next summer. Today’s new windows will not only look better, but also function “as new,” with proper sealing, clean and clear glass, and no cracks.

Adding new windows to your home not only increases its curb appeal and resale value, but also makes your place more energy efficient. You don’t want to be trying to heat (or cool) your home only to have all that hot or cool air escaping out loose, cracked, worn or broken windows, right? That’s akin to throwing money out the window. Replacing old windows with new ones ultimately results in lower energy bills.

Older windows, over time, tend to let large amounts of air slip through various cracks that develop as the house settles and shifts, the wind and rain and ice pelt them, and, of course, people mess with them. Do you have a window with a crack or hole in thanks to a kid’s baseball or a bird or rock hitting it? Are your current windows so old that they’re falling apart? It may be time for new windows. Sometimes windows get condensation within the glass, making it hard for you to see through them-- it’s annoying, and it’s time for new glass, for sure.

Central Roofing, Siding, and Windows Co. specializes in installing new windows for DC and Maryland residents, offering the best combination of style, thermal efficiency, and lasting performance at a competitive price. Call (301) 881-2424 to ask about having new windows installed.

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