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Central Roofing's blog will highlight interesting projects and other industry news. We will try to post information that will be helpful to homeowners in maintaining their most important investment.

Welcome to the Central Blog

Central Roofing and Siding Co. has been serving Washington DC and Maryland customers since 1956 - about 55 years as of right now. In 2001, we started the webpage. The website was redesigned in 2007 and now in 2011 we are proud to be starting a blog, that we will affectionately be calling Central Blog.

The blog will be a place where we can communicate directly with our customers and through the comments sections our customers can communicate back with us.

I plan on posting interesting information about the remodeling industry and home improvement products. There will be information about our areas of expertise - roofing, siding, windows, and gutters along with attic insulation. I will try to post some project stories detailing home transformations that we have done in the past and I'm sure I'll think of some other interesting items that we can post.

If you have any suggestions for stories or would just like to share information, feel free to post a comment.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from Central Roofing and Siding Co.

Terry Greenberg

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